Why Should You Hire a Magician For Your Wedding?

//Why Should You Hire a Magician For Your Wedding?

Why Should You Hire a Magician For Your Wedding?

Your wedding day is a very special day, so you will want to make it as memorable as possible for you and your guests. Entertainment for weddings however can often be flat and very traditional with little choice available other than a band or DJ. If you think outside the box you can make your wedding a real event, a spectacle that your guests will remember and not just for the fact you got married on that day. There are a lot of London magician wedding-entertainment options available, especially on Google but finding the right magician is as magic as watching them in action.

Why Should you hire a Magician for your wedding?

After the wedding ceremony there can be a lot of waiting around when the photos are being taken and people can often get quite restless and even bored. With a magician waiting in the wings he can take that weight off your shoulders and marvel and entertain your guests with some amazing magic.

When you’re creating the table settings you want to put people next to someone they know, however it’s not always possible and you’ll always have that table full of old friends from university and school who have never set eyes on each other before. A close up magician can settle that uneasy feeling and break the ice by visiting each table and performing several tricks that get people involved and interacting with each other. It is a shared group experience that will have them talking for ages after the magician has moved on to another table.

Gary Schiffman is a wedding magician based in Hertfordshire and London magician who is not your typical magician. With many people bored of the old traditional card trick magic, Gary amazes with the art of deception. Using everyday items borrowed from your guests he will make them disappear and reappear in the most unusual locations. Performing just inches in front of everyone there are no funny tricks or odd angles that may scam some people, there are no assistants or stooges it is simply cold real magic. Having performed for over 20 years Gary is one of the most skilled magicians in the UK having performed for GlaxoSmithKline, Heineken and Bosch. Gary is a member of the world famous magic circle and Equity and can often be seen performing at Qzeen Indian Dining in Bushey as their resident magician. Gary performed several times for Watford FC’s Match day hospitality as well as their End of Season Awards for the 2013/2014 Season.

With the help of a close up magician you can really set your wedding in the forefront of everyone’s memories. When they think back on your big day they’ll remember the fun and festivities they have which marked it out as different from any other event they had gone to. Whilst there are many magicians available it’s important to find one that is entertaining and right for you.

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